Mathematics in the Driver's Seat

Venkat Subramanian
Washington University in St. Louis

Electric vehicle (EV) design and development has been a major area of focus for researchers in the past few years. Improving the efficiency and utilization of battery systems can increase the viability and cost-effectiveness of existing technologies for EVs. Recognizing this opportunity, the US Department of Energy recently invested $30M through its Advanced Management and Protection of Energy Storage Devices (AMPED) program under Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E). The goal of this program is to develop smarter battery management systems and advanced sensing technologies to circumvent potential problems due to capacity fade and safety concerns. In this talk, we show how mathematics can alleviate some of the problems these systems face and how the use of improved algorithms can help electrify the transportation industry by improving the range of variables that are predictable and controllable in a battery in real-time within an electric vehicle. Presenting authors: Venkat R. Subramanian and Richard D. Braatz Other coauthors: Paul W. C. Northrop, Bharat Suthar, Venkatasailanathan Ramadesigan and Shriram Santhanagopalan

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