Error Control Coding for Real-Time Streaming Applications

Ashish Khisti
University of Toronto

Communication systems for interactive voice and video applications must operate under strict latency constraints and yet provide high reliability.
We will explain why traditional error correction codes are not ideal for these applications, and propose a new class
of error correction codes that outperform these schemes. On the theory side, we will introduce a new class of distance metrics that are relevant to the streaming setup, and show that our proposed codes are near-optimal for these metrics. On the practical side we will demonstrate some results over real-world traces and experiments involving streaming audio.

Joint work with Ahmed Badr (University of Toronto), Xiaoqing Zhu (Cisco Systems) Wai-Tian Tan (Cisco Systems) and John Apostolopoulos (Cisco Systems).

Bio: Ashish Khisti is an Associate Professor and a Canada Research Chair in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada. He was an assistant professor at the same university between 2009-2015. He received his BASc degree from the Engineering Science Program, also from University of Toronto, and his MASc and PhD degrees in EECS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His current research interests include information theoretic security & privacy, and real-time communication systems.

Presentation (PDF File)

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