Remotely Powered Communication

Ayfer Özgur
Stanford University

The next exponential growth in connectivity is projected to be no longer in access between people but in connecting objects and machines in the age of “Internet of Everything” (IoE). This is partly fueled by the emergence of tiny, low-cost wireless devices that can form the fabric of smart technologies and cyberphysical systems, enabling a plethora of exciting applications from in-body health monitoring, to smart homes and transportation systems.

However, scaling wireless devices from billions to potentially trillions (as envisioned by some forecasts) requires orders of magnitude reduction in costs and often
size, both of which are dominated by external components such as batteries and the crystal oscillators. This has led to significant recent interest in building radios that do not possess any external components. In this talk we will discuss the information and communication theoretic foundations for such radios, including communication with remotely powered and energy harvesting radios and, time permiting, also with crystal-free radios.

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