Stochastic background searches in GW experiments

Arianna Renzini
California Institute of Technology

The collection of individually resolvable GW events makes up a tiny fraction of all the GWs which reach our GW detectors, while most lie below the confusion limit and go undetected. Like voices in a crowded room, the collection of unresolved signals gives rise to a background which is well-described by stochastic variables, and hence referred to as the stochastic GW background (SGWB). In this talk, I will introduce the signal of stochastic backgrounds and give an overview of search methods in GW experiments. Focusing on the ground-based network, I will present the most recent results from LVK collaboration searches and discuss the current estimated time-to-detection. I will then discuss possibilities of detection with LISA, the future space-borne GW observatory.

Presentation (PDF File)

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