Virtual Talk: Rapid glitch mitigation for near-future gravitational-wave detectors

Jess McIver
University of British Columbia

Expected improvements in the sensitivity of the global gravitational-wave detector network will result in an increase in event rate and a corresponding increase in the probability that a detected signal overlaps with a detector noise transient, or ‘glitch’, in at least one detector. It is vital to identify and remove these nearby glitches prior to parameter estimation, as they can bias source property estimation and influence tests of general relativity. I will give an overview of LIGO-Virgo’s approach to identifying, characterizing, and mitigating glitches present during or nearby gravitational-wave signals during the most recent observing run (O3). I will summarize prospects for streamlining this process in preparation for the high expected event rates in near-future observing runs.

Presentation (PDF File)

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