JBEAM: Multiscale Curve Coding via Beamlets

Xiaoming Huo
Georgia Institute of Technology
Industrial and Systems Engineering

We present a multiscale coder for curves and boundaries. It utilizes a multiscale structure - beamlets - that is designed primarily for linear and curvilinear features. The coder is composed of three main components: 1. a rate-distortion optimized beamlet-based representation, 2. a tree-based coding from a beamlet representation to a symbol stream, and 3. an entropy coder. This coder is named JBEAM. Taking advantage of its multiscale property, we utilized tree-based coding to make it progressive. The derived coder has a low order of computational complexity. Simulations demonstrate an advantage over the state-of-the-art industrial standard: JBIG 2. A software package, which includes an implementation of JBEAM, is made available. Variations and potential improvements of this method will be discussed. This work may inspire more activities in this line of research, improving curve coding. Some theoretical analysis of the proposed method will be summarized.

This is a joint work with Jihong Chen.

Presentation (PDF File)

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