Wavelets, Curvelets and Combined Transforms Applied to Z Pinch X Ray Backlighting, Astrophysical Radiation Jets and Microwave Images of Turbulent Clouds

Bedros Afeyan
Polymath Research Inc.

We will show results concerning the denoising and physical patter detection in various 2 dimensional images arising in inertial confinement fusion, astrophysics and atmospheric turbulence research where multi-resolution analysis techniques provide unprecedented insight into the interactions between scales and directions, symmetries and localized non-uniformities. We will infer the implosion symmetry of double Z pinch Hohlraum implosions driven by soft X ray radiation, the multiscale vortices formed in astrophysical radiation jets at extremely high speeds emulated by Z pinch experiments in the laboratory and microwave reflectivity images from turbulent clouds. the anisotropy, asymmetry and scale dependent multidimensional features of these images will be revealed by a number of techniques such as undecimated biorthogonal Wavelets, Curvelets and combined transforms, variational minimization and iterative techniques. The relative merits of these various techniques will be analyzed and directions for future research and further applications indicated.

Bedros Afeyan & K. Won, Polymath Research Inc., Jean Luc Starck, CEA-Saclay, M. Cuneo & G. Bennett, Sandia National Laboratories

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