A Universe in Motion: Testing the Cosmological Paradigm with Galaxy Dynamics

John Dubinski
University of Toronto

The recent convergence of the cosmological paradigm the past few years allows a detailed quantitative examination of the dynamical evolution of galaxies within the cosmological context. I will discuss some of the scientific issues with the accompanying N-body challenges
and methods for connecting cosmology to the structure and dynamics of galaxies. Some of the interesting issues include the dynamical interactions of disks with triaxial dark halos, bars and dynamical friction, and the merging of spirals to form ellipticals within clusters and the more general cosmological environment. I will present some new techniques for building very realistic models of galaxies suitable for N-body experimentation. I will also show some DVD tracks from a collaborative animation project called Gravitas that aims to illustrate a variety of galaxy dynamical phenomena in great detail.

Presentation (PDF File)

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