Embedded Networked Sensing: From Smart Dust to Multi-scale, Multi- modal, Multi-user Observing Systems

Mani Srivastava
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
EE Department

Sensor networks are a technology in transition. The considerable deployment experience over the past decade as well as emerging applications such as urban sensing has led led to the realization that the early view of sensor networks as "smart dust" - a large and ad hoc but flat and homogeneous single-purpose long-lived collection of static resource-constrained devices - needs to be considerably expanded to a view of these systems as multi-scale, multi-modal, multi-user rapidly-deployable actuated observing systems.
The talk will describe how the early technical challenges such as autonomous self-configuration, energy-aware and scalable ad hoc networking, and efficient embedded software are now giving way to new challenges involving system and data integrity, active actuated sensing, rich sensing modalities, software re-configuration, and data privacy and sharing mechanisms. The talk will touch upon these issues in the context of emerging systems and applications at CENS.

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