Securing the Intelligent Nation

Chien Siang Yu
Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs

Rapid developments in technology have improved worker’s mobility and hence the empowerment of our road-warriors. This has allowed the dynamic enterprise to adopt flat management structures and knowledge management as its competitiveness strategy. As a result, ubiquitous networking, mobility and adaptive IT capabilities are more sought after than ever before.

But with identity fraud and cyber crime in our midst reaching unprecedented levels and the need for outsourcing – which brings about reduced control despite increased storage and enhanced networking capabilities - the problem of securing digital transactions now takes central stage. Hence, the presentation will describe some of the work done in terms of developing security architectures for large government IT infrastructure, in a manner that will be deployable and appropriate for any modern organisation, including SMEs.

At the micro level, our approach is to invent an open architecture and extensible Personal Security System, known as DORIS (Digital Online Registration and Identification System). By fostering a large user community via open source code sharing and incentives for pilot projects, we hope to ignite a vibrant social ecosystem, which will experiment with a full range of electronic applications, symbolic of the Intelligent Nation 2015 vision. The extensible features of DORIS will be demonstrated.

Presentation (PDF File)

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