Fundamental Aspects of Tropical Cyclone Dynamics Part I: On the Role of Coherent Vortex Structures During Cyclogenesis, Rapid Intensification and Maturity.

Michael Montgomery
Naval Postgraduate School

In this talk I will summarize some recent and current research on tropical cyclones being
conducted by my research group and some colleagues. The theme of this research seeks to
develop a basic understanding of the role of coherent wave and vortex structures in the formation,
intensification and mature evolution of hurricanes. In this talk I will highlight some important
vortex dynamical processes that arise during the cyclogenesis, rapid intensification and mature
phases of the hurricane lifecycle.

The research on rapid intensification is a collaborative project with Roger Smith (Univ. Munich)
and his Ph.D. student Sang Nguyen (Univ. Munich).

Audio (MP3 File, Podcast Ready)

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