Micro and Macro Structure from Diffusion Weighted MRI

Jerry Prince
Johns Hopkins University
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Diffusion weighted MRI (DWI) yields information about the diffusion of water in the body. Images can be made to reflect both the amount and
direction(s) of diffusion within voxels, thereby connecting relatively low-resolution measurements to tissue microstructure within image voxels. One can also use DWI data to make inferences about the connectivity between voxels, providing information at the macro level about muscle or nerve paths.

This talk will provide a brief tutorial on DWI including both practical imaging issues as well as computational techniques yielding conventional DWI-derived image contrasts. Some new research results on optimal estimation of DWI contrasts, q-space imaging, imaging tongue muscles, and white matter segmentation will be presented as time permits.

Presentation (PDF File)

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