Deformation Computation via Statistical Models

Matthias Harders
Eidgenössische TH Zürich-Zentrum

A fundamental prerequisite of hysteroscopy - the endoscopic inspection of the uterus - is the proper distension of the uterine cavity with a fluid, also known as hydrometra. For a virtual reality based simulation of hysteroscopy, the uterus deformation process due to different pressure settings has to be modeled. In previous work we have introduced a hybrid method, which relies on precomputed deformation states to derive the hydrometra changes during runtime. However, new offline computations were necessary for every newly introduced organ mesh. This is not viable if a new surgical scene is to be generated for every training session. Therefore, we include the deformation states during hydrometra into our previously developed statistical shape model for undeformed organ instances. This allows deriving the hydrometra steps together with new undeformed uterus meshes. These can then be used during the interactive simulation for predicting uterus deformation without time-intensive precomputation steps.

Presentation (PDF File)

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