Implementation of a GPU based surgical simulator for open heart surgery

Thomas Sørensen
Aarhus University

This talk provides an overview of our implementation of an open heart surgery simulator. The simulator is used for preoperative surgical planning in complex cases of congenital heart disease, and it is currently being considered as a potentially new educational tool for medical students.

To obtain the necessary speed to simulate soft tissue elasticity on accurate models of a complex organ such as the heart, the compute-intensive components of the simulation was ported to the graphics card (GPU) for significant acceleration. An overview of the GPU simulation algorithm is provided. Special consideration is also given to the implementation of the force feedback and visualization components of the simulator, which were also adapted to the GPU.

A brief introduction to the concept of general purpose computation on GPUs is provided for the audience to understand the presented GPU algorithms. Also, this will serve as inspiration for discussion on how other algorithms of soft tissue simulation could be accelerated on the GPU.

Presentation (PDF File)

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