Fluid Dynamics for a Vapor-Gas Mixture Derived from Kinetic Theory

Kazuo Aoki
Kyoto University

When a vapor of a substance is in contact with its condensed phase, evaporation and condensation (or sublimation) take place on the interface between the vapor and the condensed phase. If we try to describe flows of the vapor with evaporation and/or condensation, we have to rely on kinetic theory even in the continuum limit, since the vapor is not in local equilibrium at the interface. In other words, even if the mean free path of the vapor molecules (or the Knudsen number based on it) is very small, we cannot derive correct fluid dynamics by macroscopic considerations. We can construct correct fluid-dynamic systems for small Knudsen numbers (including the continuum limit) only by considering the zero Knudsen number limit and its neighborhood on the basis of kinetic theory. In this talk, we present some examples of the fluid-dynamic systems for a vapor-gas mixture derived in this way.

Presentation (PDF File)

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