Systematic Mathematical Strategies for Superparameterization with Moderate Scale Gaps and No Invariant Measure: Application to Squall Lines

Andrew Majda
New York University
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

This lecture is based on three recent papers:

1. A. Majda & M. Grote "Mathematical Test Models for Superparameterization in Anisotropic Turbulence," PNAS, April 2009, Vol. 106, no. 14, pp. 5470 - 5476

2. A. Majda & Y. Xing "New Multi-Scale Models on Mesoscales and Squall Lines," Comm. Math. Sci., March 2010, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp. 113-134

3. A. Majda & Y. Xing, W. Grabowski, "New Efficient Sparse Space-Time Algorithms for Superparamterization on Mesoscales," Mon. Wea. Rev., Vol 137, Issue 12, pp. 4307-4323

All of these papers can be found at Majda's faculty website:

Presentation (PDF File)

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