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Proteomics: Sequence, Structure, Function

Lectures on Co-Evolution of Proteins

Series of 3 lectures:

Wednesday, April 14 11:00-12:00
Thursday, April 15 11:00-12:00
Friday, April 16 11:00-12:00
IPAM Lecture Room 1200
Matteo Pellegrini
Merck Pharmaceuticals

Traditionally, protein evolution has been studied by measuring the sequence similarity within groups of homologous proteins. However, it is also possible to measure the co-evolution of pairs of non-homologous proteins. To infer co-evolution we use several methods: (1) the Phylogenetic Profile technique which measures the likelihood that pairs of genes are present or absent together in fully sequenced genomes, (2) the Rosetta Stone technique which searches for protein fusion events and (3) the gene neighbor technique which looks at the intra-genic distance between pairs of genes on multiple genomes. We will discuss statistical methods to evaluate the likelihood of co-evolution using these three approaches. We will also discuss the observation that co-evolving proteins tend to participate in common biological processes.


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