IPAM Lecture: “Missing in Translation – Where are the Innovations?” by Sadasivan Shankar

November 12, 2015

The Speaker

Sadasivan (Sadas) Shankar is the first Margaret and Will Hearst Visiting Lecturer in Computational Science and Engineering at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, where he will be involved in teaching and research in the areas of large-scale compuShankar Sadas Pictational methods, chemistry, materials, and in translational ideas. In fall 2013, as the first Distinguished Scientist in Residence at the Institute of Applied Computational Sciences in Harvard, he co-instructed a graduate-level class on Computational Materials Design, which covered fundamental atomic and quantum techniques and practical applications for new materials by design.

Sadasivan earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.  Sadasivan has initiated and led multiple efforts in Intel, most recently the Materials Design Program.  Dr. Shankar is a co-inventor in several patent filings covering areas in new chemical reactor designs, semiconductor processes, bulk and nano materials, device structures, interface engineering, and algorithms. He is also a co-author in publications and presentations in the areas of chemical synthesis, electrodeposition, direct simulation Monte Carlo, accelerated molecular dynamics, non-equilibrium electronic transport in gases and condensed matter, electromigration, three dimensional rarefied and continuum reacting flows, 3D die stacking, and atomic methods enabling high throughout calculations for material interfaces spanning all scales from atoms to macroscopic devices.

Sadasivan has been also involved in several collaborative national and international efforts with Semiconductor Research Corporation, SEMATECH, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Energy, and President’s Materials Genome Initiative.