Research in Industrial Projects Program 2004

Participants and Mentors

Arete BioDiscovery JPL LANL LLNL NCAR Pixar
Name / Comment


Michael Raugh (Harvey Mudd College)

RIPS Program Director
Robert Borrelli (Harvey Mudd College)

Advisor / Consultant
Mark Green (IPAM)

IPAM Director
Janice Amar (IPAM)

Chief Administrative Officer
Allon Percus (IPAM)

IPAM Associate Director
Stan Osher (IPAM & UCLA)

IPAM Director of Special Projects
Eilish Hathaway (IPAM)

Advisor / Consultant


Lucy Chang (University of California, Los Angeles)
Thomas Chen (UCLA)
Daniel Staley (UC Berkeley)
Aaron Yahr (Brown University)
Chiu Yen Kao (UCLA)

Faculty Mentor
Dave Campion (Arete)

Industry Mentor
Steve Church (Arete)

Industry Mentor
Egbert Tse (Arete)

Industry Mentor
Dave Wasson (Arete)

Industry Mentor


Henry Boateng (Mississippi University for Women)
Lisa McFerrin (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
Dömötör Palvölgyi (ELTE university)
"My personal profile along with an important help of my last summer RIPS participation allowed me to choose from the best job offers in Czech Republic and even abroad. I have finally decided to start working for Mintel in London, England. I am also waiting for results from WSU, Rensselaer, MIT, and Stanford where I have applied to graduate study."

Petr Svab (Charles University in Prague)

Shawn Cokus (UCLA)

Faculty Mentor
Bruce Hoff (BioDiscovery)

Industry Mentor
Anton Petrov (BioDiscovery)

Industry Mentor


Jeff Aristoff (MIT)
Jonathan Kavanagh (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Carlo von Kirchbach (University of Oxford)
"It (RIPS 2004) was a great learning experience. Not only did I learn about nonlinear dynamical system, which I knew nothing about before the program but am now considering for graduate studies. I also made lots of good friends from around the world (there are very few REU programs in which one gets to interact with students from foreign institutions). There were also lots of emphasis on how to efficiently pace the work, how to communicate technical contents effectively via writing and presentations. From my 3 years of REU experience (first two at Princeton) this is the most well-organized program I've participated."

Huan Zheng (Princeton University)

Benjamin Villac (Caltech)

Faculty Mentor
Martin Lo (NASA)

Industry Mentor


Daniel Chong (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Peterkin Quagraine (Berea College)
"At IPAM I was exposed to a new field of mathematics: image processing, while I was working on my project offered by Los Alamos National Lab. I was not decided on a specific research interest, so I could freely devote myself to that area of mathematics. After RIPS I became very interested in image processing problems and this year I will participate in a summer program at LANL and I will do research in image/high-dimensional data analysis."

Valentina Staneva (Concord College)

Maneesh Kumar (Stanford University)
Selim Esedoglu (UCLA)

Faculty Mentor
Kevin Vixie (LANL)

Brendt Wohlberg (LANL)



Faisal Amlani (Rice University)
Amy Coutts (Oxford University)
Harry Kim (UC Berkeley)
Tomas Pergler (Charles University in Prague)
Tom Cecil (UCLA)

Faculty Mentor
Barna Bihari (Lawrence Livermore)

Industry Mentor
Peter Brown (LLNL)

Industry Mentor
Leland Jameson (LLNL)

Industry Mentor


Yi Fang Chen (Polytechnic University)
William Fong (Caltech)
Hodad Naderi (UC Berkeley)
Che Smith (Spelman College)
Kayo Ide (UCLA)

Faculty Mentor
Douglas Nychka (National Center for Atmospheric Research)

Industry Mentor


Lauren Anderson (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Andrew Lutomirski (Stanford)
Katarina Petrovic (Princeton University)
"IPAM not only showed me how interesting fluid mechanics are but also opened my eyes to the kinds of things which were possible and currently happening around the world. For this I am truly grateful as not only was my stay one of the most enjoyable events in my life it also has shaped my view on life."

Paul-James White (University Of Wollongong)

Doug Enright (UCLA)

Faculty Mentor
Chohong Min (UCLA )

Faculty Mentor
John R. Anderson (Pixar)

Industry Mentor

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