Making the Connection: Math in the Real World

April 25, 2008


Joseph Teran graduated from Stanford University in 2005 with a PhD in computer animation. After a postdoctoral fellowship at New York University, he joined the UCLA mathematics faculty earlier this year as an assistant professor. He is interested in computer graphics, computational biomechanics, computational solid and fluid mechanics, numerical analysis and collision detection/contact modeling. He will talk about the mathematics involved in simulating natural phenomena with computers for entertainment or medical purposes.

Luminita Vese has been at UCLA since 1998 and is now an associate professor. She teaches several applied mathematics courses, including mathematical imaging, optimization, and numerical methods. She has been the coach for several math competitions at UCLA, and has mentored student teams working on image analysis research projects. In her talk, Professor Vese will present some problems in the area of image processing, including one in the medical industry, and offer solutions using applied mathematics models.