Large-Scale Engineering Networks: Robustness, Verifiability, and Convergence

Part of the Long Program Large Scale Communication Networks
April 15 - 19, 2002

Speaker List

David Alderson (California Institute of Technology, Management Science & Eng.)
John Doyle (California Institute of Technology, Control and Dynamical Systems)
Deborah Estrin (UCLA, Computer Science)
Eric Feron (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Carla Gomes (Cornell University, Computer Science)
William Hall (Draper Laboratory, Decision Systems)
Richard Murray (California Institute of Technology)
Jaime Peraire (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Rahul Sarpeshkar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, EECS)
Sergio Servetto (Cornell University, ECE)
Jeff Shamma (UCLA, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)
Banavar Sridhar (NASA Ames Research Center)
Claire Tomlin (Stanford University)
Lieven Vandenberghe (UCLA, EE)
George Verghese (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, EECS)
Lin Xiao (Stanford University, Aeronautics and Astronautics)