Mathematical Challenges and Opportunities for Autonomous Vehicles Tutorials

September 15 - 18, 2020



The program opens with four days of tutorials that will provide an introduction to major themes of the entire program and the four workshops. The goal is to build a foundation for the participants of this program who have diverse scientific backgrounds.

For those participating in the long program, please plan to attend Opening Day on September 14, 2020 as well. Others may participate in Opening Day by invitation from the organizing committee.

Organizing Committee

Ruzena Bajcsy (University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), CITRIS)
Paola Goatin (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique Automatique (INRIA))
Jana Kosecka (George Mason University)
Hani Mahmassani (Northwestern University)
Benedetto Piccoli (Rutgers University)
Benjamin Seibold (Temple University, Mathematics)
Jonathan Sprinkle (University of Arizona, Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Daniel Work (Vanderbilt University)