Vanishing of entropy production and quantum detailed balance

Tristan Benoist
Toulouse Mathematics Institute (CNRS)

In thermodynamics, entropy production is a quantification of the reversibility of a process. One can consider that a process is reversible whenever its associated entropy production is vanishing. The vanishing of entropy production is also used as a characterization of equilibrium versus non equilibrium. In that case vanishing of entropy production characterizes equilibrium. These two interpretations of the vanishing of entropy production are equivalent for finite states Markov chains where the vanishing of entropy production is equivalent to the reversibility of the associated stochastic process and the property of detailed balance that characterizes equilibrium. In this talk I will present some results relating the quantum detailed balance (that extends the Markov chain notion to quantum channels) and reversibility of quantum repeated measurement processes.

This is a joint work with N. Cuneo, V. Jaksic, Y. Pautrat and C.-A. Pillet is a follow-up to arxiv:1607.00162 and arXiv:2012.03885.

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