QMC of everything: A universal algorithm for simulating arbitrary quantum many-body systems

Itay Hen
University of Southern California (USC)
Information Sciences Institute

Gaining insight into the equilibrium properties of quantum many-body systems is essential for advancing our understanding of fundamental physics, materials science, and a wide range of scientific and technological applications. Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) techniques are, in the majority of cases, the only viable approach to developing a systematic understanding of large-scale quantum systems. However, current QMC schemes have limitations, with a major one being the need to tailor distinct, specific updates to each model to ensure the ergodicity of the stochastic process. In this talk, I will discuss a novel, universal, parameter-free QMC algorithm capable of simulating arbitrarily conceived physical models, including models containing mixtures of particle types and interactions in arbitrary geometries. Time permitting, I will show how these techniques can be used to devise speedy quantum Hamiltonian simulation algorithms.

Presentation (PDF File)

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