Succinct Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Preprocessing for LOGSNP.

Yael Kalai
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Computer Science

We construct a (computationally sound) non-interactive zero-knowledge proof, where the size of the proof is polynomial in the size of the *witness* (which may be much smaller than the instance). Our proof requires an interactive preprocessing phase, that does not depend on the instance (other than being poly-logarithmic in the instance size). For example, we show:

(1) Given a CNF formula Psi(w_1,...,w_n) of size N >> n, Alice can prove the satisfiability of Psi by a (computationally sound)
non-interactive zero-knowledge proof of size poly(n).

(2) Given a language L in the class LOGSNP (such as LOG-CLIQUE) and an input x in {0,1}^N, Alice can prove the membership x \in L by a
(computationally sound) non-interactive zero-knowledge proof of size polylog(N).

(3) Alice can commit to a Boolean formula F of size n, by a message of size poly(n), and later on prove to Bob any N statements of the
form F(x_1)=z_1,...,F(x_N)=z_N by a (computationally sound) non-interactive zero-knowledge proof of size poly(n,log N).

Our cryptographic assumptions include the existence of a poly-logarithmic Symmetric-Private-Information-Retrieval (SPIR)
scheme, and the existence of commitment schemes that are secure against circuits of size exponential in the security parameter.

This is joint work with Ran Raz.

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