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IPAM/SIAM/EMS present a conference on:

Applied Inverse Problems:
Theoretical and Computational Aspects

Dates: May 18-23, 2003

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Schedule (PDF File)

Location: UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center

Organizing Committee:

Daniela Calvetti (Case Western Reserve University)
Heinz Engl (Johannes Kepler University, Austria)
Joyce McLaughlin (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Scientific Committee:

Erkki Somersalo (Helsinki University of Technology)
Mario Bertero (University of Genoa)
Tony Chan (UCLA)
David Dobson (University of Utah)
Martijn deHoop (Colorado School of Mines)
Rainer Kress (Georg-August-University Goettingen)
Alberto Grunbaum (UC Berkeley)

Scientific Introduction and Objectives:

In the last twenty years the field of inverse problems has undergone rapid development. These are problems where the solutions are nearly always indirectly related to the available data, where causes are determined for desired or observed effects. The problems are often illposed in that small changes in the data can produce large effects in the solution. Furthermore, even questions of whether a solution that corresponds to likely noisy data can exist and how many and how different solutions there may be that correspond to partial data sets need to be considered.

The enormous increase in computing power and the development of powerful algorithms has made it possible to consider real-world problems of growing complexity and has led to a growing appetite to apply the techniques of inverse problems to ever more complicated physical and biological problems. Applications include several medical as well as other imaging techniques, location of oil and mineral deposits in the earth's substructure, creating astrophysical images from telescope data, finding cracks and interfaces within materials, shape optimization, and model identification in growth processes and more recently in the life sciences. Historically the model of the physical phenomena was frequently linear with the inverse problem being nonlinear; recent work also includes nonlinear physical phenomena models.

The goal in this conference is to include a broad spectrum of advancing new problems with presentations on both computational and theoretical issues and for a wide range of applications. The conference also serves as a lead toward the IPAM special Fall 2003 quarter on Inverse Problems.

In addition, this conference is the second, following the first one held in Montecatini in 2001, in what we hope will be a continuing series of conferences on this same subject.

Represented Topics

  • Inverse scattering including acoustics, electromagnetics, radar and sonar
  • Tomography: time reversal, optical, ultrasound and x-ray problems
  • Biological Modeling: elastography, neuroscience and molecular models
  • Image reconstruction: regularization and reconstructions from partial data
  • Shape optimization and photonics
  • Astrophysics and Geophysics
  • Data Analysis and modeling: uncertainty and statistical modeling

Invited speakers

Simon Arridge (University College, London)
Mario Bertero (Univ of Genova, Italy)
Brett Borden (Naval Postgraduate School)
Tony Chan (UCLA)
Margaret Cheney (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Steve Cox (Rice University)
Maarten deHoop (Colorado School of Mines)
Douglas Gough (Cambridge University)
Martin Hanke (University of Mainz, Germany)
Andreas Kirsch (University of Karlsruhe, Germany)
Rainer Kress (University of Gottingen, Germany)
William Kuperman (University of California at San Diego)
Kenneth Lange (UCLA)
Frank Natterer (University of Muenster, Germany)
Dianne O' Leary (University of Maryland)
Stanley Osher (IPAM)
George Papanicolaou (Stanford University)
Edward Pike (King's College, London)
Otmar Scherzer (University of Innsbruck)
Erkki Somersalo (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)
Gunther Uhlmann (University of Washington)

Minisymposium Organizers

Simon Arridge (Univ College, London, England)
Tom Banks (NCSU)
Gang Bao (Michigan State)
Mario Bertero (Univ of Genova, Italy)
Liliana Borcea (Rice University)
Martin Burger (UCLA )
Daniela Calvetti (Case Western)
Emmanuel Candes (Caltech)
Tony Chan (UCLA)
Yu Chen (Courant)
Steve Cox (Rice University)
Maarten deHoop (Colorado School of Mines)
David Dobson (Univ of Utah)
Douglas Gough (Cambridge, England)
Alberto Grunbaum (Berkeley)
Martin Hanke (Univ of Mainz, Germany)
Mohammed Jaoua (University of Tunis)
Barbara Kaltenbacher (Univ Linz, Austria)
Andreas Kirsch (Univ of Karlsruhe, Germany)
Rainer Kress (Univ of Goettingen, Germany)
Patricia Lamm (Michigan State University)
Todd Quinto (Tufts)
Paul Sacks (Iowa State)
Erkki Somersalo (Helsinki University of Technology)
Jean Paul Zolesio (CNRS, France)

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