Encouraging the careers of women and minority mathematicians and scientists is an important part of IPAM’s mission.temp5

Recruitment of Organizers, Speakers, and Participants

IPAM places high priority on the representation of women and underrepresented ethnic groups in IPAM programs as speakers, organizers, and funded participants.

We emphasize our commitment to encouraging the careers of women and minorities on every program’s web page and promotional flyer, as well as in our quarterly electronic newsletter, annual newsletter, and advertisements we place in SIAM News, AMS Notices, and other publications.

IPAM makes significant effort to have female and/or minority representation on the organizing committees of both long programs and workshops. The Director and Associate Director work closely with the chair of the organizing committee to choose the members. Similarly, IPAM strongly encourages organizing committees to recruit women and underrepresented minority speakers.

Leadership and Governance

IMG_2088 IPAM endeavors to maintain sufficient representation of underrepresented groups on its boards and its scientific staff. We value diversity on both the Science Advisory Board, which reviews proposals for scientific programs, and the Board of Trustees, which governs the organization. We ask board members to nominate women and minorities, and the director actively researches possible candidates. We also value diversity in the scientific leadership of IPAM. We publicize director and associate director positions in the AWM, NAM, and SACNAS newsletters and websites, and always state our desire for applications from women and minority candidates.

Support for National Programs for Underrepresented Groups

Since its inception, IPAM has hosted many meetings that serve and support women and/or minority groups. Examples include the Blackwell-Tapia Conference and Prize Presentation, workshops for women organized by the Anita Borg Institute, the Conference for African American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences (CAARMS), the Infinite Possibilities Conference, the Women in Mathematics Symposium, and others.  We organized the first Latinos in Mathematics ConfeIMG_1379croppedrence in 2015.

IPAM is part of the Mathematical Sciences Institutes Diversity Initiative, a collaboration among the mathematical sciences institutes to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in the mathematical sciences. Along with the other NSF Math Institutes, IPAM supports AWM MentorNet (The Electronic Network for Women in Science and Engineering), co-sponsors the Modern Math Workshop every year at the SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) annual meeting, and much more.

Services and Resources

IPAM offers assistance for workshop and long program participants with young children. IPAM’s child care resources webpage and program staff helps them locate and arrange child care. Additionally, a gift from the Berland Foundation has made it possible to offer child care grants to participants with primary parenting responsibility for young children, so that the parent can fully participate in the IPAM program.