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White Paper: Quantitative Linear Algebra

Posted on 8/21/18 in Reports

The following white paper was written by the organizers of the IPAM long program on Quantitative Linear Algebra, held in the spring of 2018, with contributions from many of the program’s participants. The purpose of the program was to bring together topics from a number […]

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White Paper: Complex Energy Landscapes

Posted on 2/22/18 in Reports

This white paper was prepared by the participants of the fall 2017 long program Complex High-Dimensional Energy Landscapes. Recent advances in computational resources and the development of high-throughput frameworks enable the efficient sampling of complicated multivariate functions. This includes energy and electronic property landscapes of inorganic, […]

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White Paper: Computational Issues in Oil Field Applications

Posted on 8/15/17 in Reports

This report provides a summary by participants of the long program on Computational Issues in Oil Field Applications at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), March 20 – June 9, 2017. It provides brief overviews […]

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White Paper: Analysis of Regulatory and Epigenetic Stochasticity in Development and Disease

Posted on 6/1/17 in Reports

Prepared by Andrew Feinberg (John Hopkins University) and Roy Wollman (UCLA), summarizing comments from participants of the IPAM workshop Regulatory and Epigenetic Stochasticity in Development and Disease. A workshop related to the analysis of stochasticity in epigenetics was held at IPAM on March 1-3, 2017. […]

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