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Contemporary Methods in Cryptography

January 9 - 13, 2002

Schedule and Presentations


Organizing Committee

Don Blasius (UCLA)
William Duke (UCLA)
Jon Rogawski (UCLA)

Scientific Committee

Dan Boneh (Stanford University)
Cynthia Dwork (Microsoft Research)
Joseph Silverman (Brown University)


The need to securely transmit ever-increasing quantities of data over the internet has given rise to a new set of problems and solutions which lie on the interface between number theory, complexity theory, and computer science. This has led to active collaborations between academic researchers and their counterparts in the industry. This program will present recent advances in the science of cryptography. Emphasis will be on the mathematical aspects of the field as opposed to dealing with the practical implementation of secure communications networks. Topics of interest include: public key cryptography and attacks on them (factorization, discrete logs, elliptic curves, lattices, non-abelian groups), pseudo-random number generators, hash functions, symmetric ciphers, DES, AES/Rijndael, provable cryptographic constructions, digital signatures, and lattice basis reduction cryptosystems.


Dan Boneh (Stanford University)
Cynthia Dwork (Microsoft Research)
Noam Elkies (Harvard University)
Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia University)
Nick Howgrave-Graham (NTRU Cryptosystems)
Russell Impagliazzo (University of California at San Diego)
Antoine Joux (DCSSI)
Neal Koblitz (University of Washington)
Ravi Kumar (IBM Almaden Research Center)
Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research)
Tal Malkin (AT&T)
Daniele Micciancio (University of California at San Diego)
Kumar Murty (University of Toronto)
Moni Naor (Weizmann Institute of Science)
Kobbi Nissim (Rutgers University)
Omer Reingold (AT&T)
Steven Rudich (Carnegie Mellon University)
Kazue Sako (NEC)
Alice Silverberg (Ohio State University)
Joseph Silverman (Brown University)
Edlyn Teske (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Luca Trevisan (UC Berkeley)
David Wagner (University of California at Berkeley)

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