Vega FEM library for nonlinear solid deformable object simulation

Jernej Barbic
University of Southern California (USC)

In this talk, I will present my software library Vega FEM which may be of use in ophthalmology applications. Vega is a computationally efficient and stable C/C++ physics library for the simulation of three-dimensional deformable objects. It is designed to model large deformations, including geometric and material nonlinearities, and can also efficiently simulate linear systems. Vega is open-source and free. It is released under the 3-clause BSD license, which means that it can be used both in academic research and in commercial applications. Vega implements several widely used methods for simulation of large deformations of 3D solid deformable objects:
linear and co-rotational linear Finite Element Method (FEM) elasticity, invertible isotropic nonlinear FEM, Saint-Venant Kirchhoff FEM deformable models and mass-spring systems. I will discuss the capabilities, usage and performance of the library, as well as the underlying theory.

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