Coupling Di fferent Traffic Models

Francesca Marcellini
University of Milano-Bicocca
Department of Mathematics and Applications

We present different frameworks for the description of traffic flow. First, we discuss models based on the coupling of systems of different types. In particular we consider a 2-phase model, where a scalar conservation law is coupled with a 2 x 2 system. Then, we present a coupled micro-macro description, the former consisting of a system of ordinary differential equations and the latter being the usual LWR conservation law. Inspired by the above cases, we consider a macroscopic model where a sample of the trajectories are known thanks, for instance, to GPS measurement devices. The result is a new traffic model able to take into account real time data, or, in other words, that encodes these data.
This is a joint research with Rinaldo M. Colombo (University of Brescia).

Presentation (PDF File)

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