Part 2: Bird Song Diamond: Art & Artificial Life (with John Brumley)

Victoria Vesna
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

The second part of the tutorial will be focused on presenting the various aspects of the Bird Song Diamond interactive installation, recently presented at the largest virtual reality space in the world (Large Space) designed by engineer Hiroo Iwata at the Empowerment Informatics Program (EMP), University of Tsukuba. The project allowed for multifaceted perspectives while uniquely connecting the nodes of evolutionary biology, artificial life, spatial sound, mechatronic art and interactive technologies. The diamond as a crystal lattice of connected nodes reflects the commitment of each to its disciplinary rigor held together in balance through shared interests.

Physicist Ikegami's research in dynamical systems and artificial life in relation to coordinated swarms of birds and by extension modern drone technology is a critical part of both the research and the art installation. I will discuss how an artist plays a role of synthesizing the complex research of an evolutionary biologist, a physicist and an engineer to create an environment that is inspiring to the participating scientists as well as making a new type of experience available to a larger audience.

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