Variations on a theme by Cauchy

Uriel Frisch
Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur

Cauchy's invariants for 3D incompressible Euler flow, recently rediscovered after 200 years, give us a powerful tool for investigating the Lagrangian structure of such flow. Among the topics we shall discuss: how the Cauchy invariants relate to the Lie-transport (pullback) invariance of the vorticity 2-form; how they can be generalized to higher-order forms and to Euler flow on Riemann manifolds; how they generate recursion relations giving a constructive hold on time-analyticity of the Lagrangian map and thereby allow the development of Cauchy-Lagrange numerical schemes that can be orders of magnitude faster than the usual Eulerian schemes. Various open problems will be mentioned, e.g. blow-up in wall-bounded flow.

Some useful references:

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Presentation (PDF File)

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