What is required for solving chemical problems on a quantum computer?

Markus Reiher
ETH Zurich

Chemistry has been considered as one important field of application for quantum computing. In fact, many algorithmic proposals and even experimental realizations of quantum chemical toy problems have already emerged. In my talk, I will discuss what is actually needed to make a significant contribution to solving actual chemical problems with the help of quantum computers. I will emphasize the current capabilities of canonical approaches on classical computers that highlight the frontier to be overcome by a quantum advantage.

My presentation will follow arguments put forward in a recent paper (1) and will elaborate on some of these aspects in greater detail.

(1) M. Reiher, N. Wiebe, K. M. Svore, D. Wecker, M. Troyer, PNAS 114 (2017) 7555.

Presentation (PDF File)

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