Massively interacting bio-social systems: HPC-enable pervasive, personalized and precision analytics

Madhav Marathe
University of Virginia

Developing practical informatics tools and decision support environments for reasoning about real-world social habitats is complicated and scientifically challenging due to their size, co-evolutionary nature and the need for representing multiple dynamical processes simultaneously. The 2014 Ebola epidemic, global migration, societal impacts of natural and human initiated disasters and the effect of climate change provide examples of the many challenges faced when developing such environments. Recent quantitative changes in computing and information sciences have created new opportunities to create innovative tools and technologies in this area that can help advance the science of societies.
In this talk, I will describe our work on developing scalable HPC-oriented cyber-ecosystems to to study bio-social systems at scale. I will draw on our work in urban transport planning, national security and public health epidemiology to guide the discussion.

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