Total Roto-Translational Variation

Thomas Pock
Technische Universität Graz
Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision

We consider curvature depending variational models for image regularization, such as Euler’s elastica. These models are known to provide strong priors for the continuity of edges and hence have important applications in shape- and image processing. We consider a lifted convex representation of these models in the roto-translation space: In this space, curvature depending variational energies are represented by means of a convex functional defined on divergence free vector fields. As our main result, we show that the proposed convex representation is tight for characteristic functions of smooth shapes. We also discuss cases where this representation fails. For numerical solution, we propose a staggered grid discretization based on an averaged Raviart-Thomas finite elements approximation. The resulting non-smooth convex optimization problem is solved using a first-order primal-dual algorithm. We illustrate the results of our numerical algorithm on various problems from shape- and image processing.

Presentation (PDF File)

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