Modeling for mixed autonomy traffic: a control-based approach

Maria Laura Delle Monache

In this talk we will give an overview of different approaches to model mixed traffic encompassing human driven, driver-assist and automated vehicles. We will show how different modeling approaches will affect traffic representation and its control.
We will show microscopic, macroscopic and multi-scale modeling approaches and for each of them we will give a glimpse on how the control can be designed and actuated.
In particular, we will focus on a class of second order microscopic models in which the different vehicles have different dynamics and on a class of coupled PDE-ODE models describing the interaction of autonomous vehicles with the surrounding traffic. The traffic flow is described with a scalar conservation law while each autonomous vehicle trajectory is described
by an ODE. The presence of the vehicles can induce a moving bottleneck, hindering traffic flow or act as tracer vehicles in the flow to collect measurements along their trajectory to estimate the bulk flow.

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