From connected and autonomous vehicles control to vehicular traffic control, a multi-scale perspective

Antonella Ferrara
Università di Pavia

The scientific, technological, social and economic impact of successful research in road traffic control is very significant, with immediate effects on safety, quality of life, environment, use of energy resources, and transportation costs. Yet, the development of effective methods and algorithms for road traffic management has to face notable methodological challenges. In addition, the type of traffic control strategies developed so far, the “classical approaches”, need now to be updated and adapted to consider the fast development in automotive technologies, traffic sensors, data processing, and communication. This talk will address these aspects, starting from an overview of classical traffic control concepts to arrive at encompassing emerging research trends at different scales: from the microscopic scale of individual connected and autonomous vehicle control, to attain vehicle platooning and formation generation, to the macroscopic scale of road traffic control. This will be done by illustrating how the different scales can efficiently coexist in an advanced vehicular traffic control system.

Presentation (PDF File)

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