Mean-field pedestrian models: stationary profiles and parameter estimation,

Marie-Therese Wolfram
University of Warwick, RICAM

In this talk I will present very recent work on a continuum model for unidirectional flows in a corridor with a single entrance and exit. The inflow and outflow conditions at both the entrance and exit as well as the shape of the domain have a strong influence on the structure of stationary profiles, in particular on the formation of boundary layers. We are able to relate the location and shape of these layers to the inflow and outflow conditions as well as the shape of the domain using geometric singular perturbation theory. Furthermore, we confirm and exemplify our analytical results by means of computational experiments. If time permits, I will conclude with a brief overview how the Bayesian framework can be used to identify parameters in mean field models and quantify uncertainty in those estimates using trajectory data.

Presentation (PDF File)

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