Hybrid micro-macro modelling for platoon control in freeway traffic networks

Simona Sacone
Università di Genova

The definition of a new hybrid model combining microscopic and macroscopic features in order to represent the presence of vehicle platoons in a freeway traffic flow is the first objective of the presentation. A Micro-Macro METANET model, also called M3-net model, is addressed in order to analyze the mutual interaction between platoons and the rest of traffic, that is, how the traffic conditions affect the platoons routes and how platoons influence the traffic conditions for the other vehicles. The second part of the presentation is devoted to model-based approaches for platoon control in freeway traffic networks. Specifically, the control objective is to define the speed that the platoons should maintain in order to reduce the delay caused by the presence of downstream congestion. Specifically, the proposed control schemes are aimed to the regulation of the platoon speed so that the controlled convoys of trucks reach a possible congested area avoiding its most critical period, further reducing the fuel consumptions due to the time spent in congestion and the abrupt slowdowns that undermine safety and the operativity of the convoy. A PI-type feedback control law is proposed together with a more sophisticated control scheme.

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