Low-latency Noise Mitigation Techniques in Gravitational-wave Detector Data Using Auxiliary Sensor Information

Patrick Godwin
California Institute of Technology

Gravitational-wave detector data contain non-Gaussian noise transients and
other sources of non-stationary noise due to instrumental artifacts and
environmental noise couplings. These noise sources can limit the overall
detector sensitivity and additionally, can mimic astrophysical signals.
In the era of rapid, automated open public alerts, it is critical to develop
automated low-latency noise mitigation techniques to enable rapid
multi-messenger follow-up with confident astrophysical events. In this talk,
I will discuss the current state of low-latency noise mitigation methods,
challenges in accessing low-latency strain and auxiliary sensor data,
and techniques to enable low-latency transient noise mitigation.

Presentation (PDF File)

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