Attosecond Quantum Technologies for Advanced Materials Metrologies

Margaret Murnane
University of Colorado Boulder

Next-generation nano and quantum devices have increasingly complex 3D structure. As the dimensions of these devices shrink to the nanoscale, their performance is often governed by interface quality or precise chemical, interfacial or dopant composition. Characterizing their structural and functional properties is challenging, requiring real-time, high-fidelity probes that can image relatively large areas.
High harmonic quantum light sources provide an exquisite source of short wavelength light, with unprecedented control over the spectral, temporal, polarization and orbital angular momentum of the emitted waveforms, from the UV to the keV photon energy region. These advances are providing powerful new tools for near-perfect x-ray imaging, for coherently manipulating quantum materials using light, and for extracting the functional transport, electronic, magnetic and mechanical properties of ultrathin films and nanosystems.

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