How to build your research paper database - one PDF at a time

Steven Lee
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

In the course of carrying out your research and proposal writing, it is not difficult to amass dozens or hundreds of research papers relevant to your work. Fortunately, online journals, websites, and colleagues often make their material available in PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) which can then be stored in a single directory on your computer or on a portable USB thumb drive. What is needed, however, is a special PDF document that conveniently lists all of the titles and bibliographic information for the PDFs that you have collected. Some special features of this index should include the ability to: click on a title name and instantly have that research article appear, and click on a title citation and have its bibliographic information appear. Furthermore, this index should be easy to create, maintain, and archive (for backup purposes). We describe how to build this type of index to your collected PDF files using tools commonly or freely available for your laptop machine (e.g., LaTeX, Emacs, the Adobe acrobat reader).

Presentation (PowerPoint File)

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