CAM-HOMME: A locally conservative, mimetic finite element methods for the moist atmospheric primitive equations in NCAR's Community Atmospheric Model

Mark Taylor
Sandia National Laboratories

This talk will focus on the second issue of the IPAM Workshop II: Numerical Hierarchies for Climate Modeling: Properties of numerical
schemes for unstructured grids. Many next-generation global climate models will rely on unstructured or less-structured grids to
discretize the the surface of the sphere. These grids are needed in order to avoid the scalability issues associated with
latitude-longitude grids or to allow for improved regional resolution over areas of interest. I will describe our work developing CAM-HOMME, a compatible/mimetic version of the (spectral) finite element method for CAM, the atmosphere component of the NCAR Community Climate System Model.

Aime' Fournier (NCAR)
Peter Lauritzen (NCAR)
Amik St.Cyr (NCAR)

Presentation (PDF File)

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