Uncertainty Management in Analysis and Design of Autonomous Systems

Andre Banaszuk
United Technologies Research Center

We will discuss challenges in the autonomous unmanned system design methodology that would allow UAS to conduct complex missions in a safe, predictable, and robust manner and discuss current UTRC research and future plans in this area. Development of autonomous aircraft systems capable of accomplishing complex missions faces challenges due to the uncertainties coming from operating in a hostile cluttered urban environment, distributed nature of the implementation platform, the dynamic nature of the communication and computation resources. Model-based robust design is difficult because of complexity of the hybrid dynamic models including continuous vehicle dynamics and discrete models of computations and communications. We will overview recent advances in methodology and tools to model, analyze, and design robust autonomous aerospace systems operating in uncertain environment, with stress on efficient uncertainty quantification and robust design using the case studies of the missions including low level autonomous flight and model-based target tracking and search.

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