Presenting IPAM’s 2020 Annual Newsletter

Posted on 9/8/20 in IPAM Newsletter

2020 has been a year unlike any other. The COVID pandemic, social distancing, remote work, travel restrictions, movements for societal justice, all these shaped IPAM’s work and program format in unexpected ways. You can learn about the challenges we faced and the pathways we forged to adapt to this new reality in our annual newsletter. Other items the newsletter showcases include an exciting feature story on Benjamin Seibold who talks about autonomous vehicles and how they can influence traffic flow and thus our everyday commute in the near future (page 1). You will also find a compelling discussion on artificial intelligence (AI) and automated methods for fabricating information, which have proliferated with advances in technology (page 2). You are cordially invited to read it and share it with your friends who are interested in IPAM’s work.