Presenting IPAM’s 2022 Annual Newsletter

Posted on 9/30/22 in IPAM Newsletter

IPAM’s 2022 Newsletter highlights, among others, the highly successful Latinx in the Mathematical Sciences Conference 2022. The third in the series, the conference brought together Latinx mathematicians and scientists from all stages of their careers including senior and junior faculty, researchers, career professionals, industry leaders, postdocs, as well as graduate, undergraduate, and high school students. Riding the momentum of this success, IPAM is committed to organize the fourth conference in 2025 (page 4). Also worth noting is the Summer School on Algorithmic Fairness that was hosted by IPAM during the 2022 summer. This was followed by a thematically connected workshop on Sex and Gender Bias in Data. These two programs proved to be greatly compelling and drew participants from a wide range of disciplines (pages 1 and 7). You will also find an interesting discussion on the advent of super computers that are ushering in a new era of computation and knowledge (page 2). You are cordially invited to read it and share it with your friends who might be interested in IPAM’s work.