IPAM carries out its mission with the assistance and support of many people in a variety of roles.  The IPAM community consists of the directorate, staff, Science Advisory Board, Board of Trustees, and of course, program organizers, speakers, and participants, which are unique to each program. You can read about current members of the directorate and staff below.  Openings for associate director will be posted on this site every two or three years; staff openings are advertised on UCLA Campus Human Resources. The Science Advisory Board approves all scientific programs sponsored by IPAM.  The Board of Trustees approves the budget and plans for the upcoming year. Each board meets once a year and communicates with the Director regularly. Members serve four year terms. IPAM's directors are ex-officio members. The building directory includes all directors, staff and participants of the current long program with offices at IPAM.

Building Directory

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Stacey Beggs 310-794-0069 10 1158B
Russel Caflisch 310-983-3297 05 1158A
Edward Chou 1129D
Matthew Contri 310-794-0074 15 1159F
Jonny Dadras 310-825-0705 Cube #2
Mark Green 310-794-7610 27 1104
Melinda Huang 310-825-5110 01 1172-1
James Kimmick 310-794-7844 03 1159G
Yvette King 310-825-8516 16 1172-2
Michael Luo 1129D
Roland McFarland 310-825-8462 06 1158-2
David Medina 310-825-8315 48 1159E
Travis Meyer 1129D
Thomas Nykiel 310-267-5247 52 1172B
Stacy Orozco 310-794-1647 00 1158-1
Stanley Osher 310-794-1069 30 1116
Ji Hyun Park 310-267-5245 21 Cube #3
Minh Pham 1129D
Juan Ramirez 1129D
Christian Ratsch 310-825-4127 07 1172A
Jonathan Siegel 1129D
Kayleigh Steele 310-794-1270 39 1239A
Tammy Wong 310-825-6705 47 1158
Wei Zhu 1129D