Cells and Materials: At the Interface between Mathematics, Biology and Engineering

March 13 - June 16, 2006


This program is aimed at providing an environment for researchers to explore new applications of mathematics in a variety of the bioengineering fields. Our hope is that modern mathematical techniques and ideas can be brought to bear on fundamental problems in bioengineering and biomaterials research, much as they have impacted materials science and engineering. Specifically, the Long Program will offer an opportunity for participants to: learn about various sub-disciplines of bioengineering; gain perspective by engaging in extended discussions with mathematicians, physical scientists, physicians, life scientists, and engineers; and develop new collaborations. To achieve these objectives, the Bioengineering Long Program will feature tutorials, workshops, social activities, and a culminating workshop at Lake Arrowhead.

Organizing Committee

Tom Chou (UCLA)
Trachette Jackson (University of Michigan)
Mark Lewis (U. of Utah)
John Lowengrub (University of California, Irvine)
Sharon Lubkin (North Carolina State University)
Stanley Osher (Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics)
Bill Tawil (Baxter Biosciences)
Ben Wu (UCLA)