Computational Psychiatry

February 18 - 21, 2020


brain-2062048_1280Psychiatric disorders are typically diagnosed and evaluated using subjective psychological exams that assess symptoms, thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns. Ongoing and recent advances in measurements provide EEG, functional MRI, optogenetic, genomic, and metabolic data. Along with mathematical methods developed to analyze these data, a more physiological and quantitative approach for diagnosis and treatment can be envisioned.  This workshop will explore how modern computational tools and mathematical modeling can be integrated with measurements to improve psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

This workshop will include a poster session; a request for posters will be sent to registered participants in advance of the workshop.

Program Flyer PDF

Organizing Committee

Tom Chou (University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA))
Maria D'Orsogna (Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics)
Marti Jett (Army Futures Command, Medical Research, Fort Detrick)
John Murray (Yale University)
Virginia Pasour (U.S. Army Research Office, UNC-Chapel Hill)
Shashaank Vattikuti (National Institutes of Health (NIH))